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Friday, February 01, 2008

“Lost”: Three Down, Three to Go

Without “24,” there hasn’t been a show in a long time that caused me so much tension it gripped my stomach.

But the opening sequence of last night’s “Lost” season premiere fixed that.

Admit it. You were intently watching every second looking for clues as to whether the scene was a flashback or flash-forward.

[Warning: If you haven’t seen last night’s “Lost,” stop reading now.]

But when Hurley stepped out of that classic Camaro, we realized not only that it was a flash-forward, but also that “Lost” will never be the same, as the flash-forwards open up so much more story for the show—especially with those six little words Hurley screamed at the police: “I’m one of the Oceanic six.”

So only six people make it home. Three down, three to go…

There were tons of other questions raised by the episode as the big secret among the six once again reared its ugly head. But this is basically all I can say about the show since I didn’t see the whole hour. I tried to watch it on tape later, but when Hurley approached that house, I got creeped out and shut it off (“Lost” late at night is never a good idea.).

However, feel free to discuss the episode by posting a comment. I’ll give you some topics to get you started: Who was the mysterious man that came to visit Hurley? What is the “it” Hurley was referring to when he told Jack “It wants us to come back.” And just what is the big secret Jack was afraid Hurley would reveal?