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Friday, February 01, 2008

My Thoughts on the Miley Cyrus Photo "Scandal"

I hadn’t said anything about this because I honestly consider it a non-story.

But then last night, a local newscast (I won’t say which one.) told us that tonight they plan to interview people going to the Hannah Montana concert movie and ask them about the Miley Cyrus photo scandal to see if they feel she is no longer a good role model.

Now I’m forced to say something…

I have seen the pictures, so let me put all the Hannah Montana fans’ minds at ease by telling you they’re no big deal. And the idea that this is a scandal is absolutely ridiculous.

[If you don’t know what I’m talking about, alleged photos of Miley Cyrus have hit the Internet that some say tarnish her image.]

The picture everyone refers to shows Miley in what appears to be her underwear slightly pulling up her shirt (You can’t see anything.) while making a puckery face to the camera. This is not Vanessa Hudgens trying to impress a boyfriend here. This is a little girl trying to imitate something she saw in a magazine or on TV. That’s all…

You probably heard that one of the pictures features Miley and another girl—which sounds scandalous—except that the picture is a goofy cheek-to-cheek pose you would see a dozen times a day in a photo booth.

And the rest of the “racy” photos? Miley in a bikini…at the beach.

GASP! How dare she?

Look, I know there are lots of people out there who are sick of Miley and Hannah. But one day, the fad will fade and they both will become footnotes in Disney history. So until that day comes, why can’t we just let Miley enjoy the ride?

And whoever the “friend” was that shared those pictures should really get a life…