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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

"Dancing" Makes Billy Ray and Miley Take a Back Seat

In the interest of full disclosure, I have to say I was a little distracted since I had just gotten a text message from a friend telling me about Kiefer’s plea deal, but what was up with that Billy Ray-Miley performance on the “Dancing With the Stars” results show?

They give Seal, who earlier murdered his own song, the opportunity to sing without the professional dancers, but Billy Ray and Miley—the hottest ticket in the country right now—are relegated to the background of a dance from Maks and Karina that was totally inappropriate for the song.

No wonder Miley seemed a little uncomfortable.

This could have been a real opportunity for a heartfelt father-daughter duet that could’ve been a real moment for the show. But instead, we got that.

The good news is that the recording of the duet will be available on iTunes beginning tomorrow. It is also supposed to be available on the ABC website here, but I couldn’t get it to come up.

The song is also being released to country music stations as we speak…