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Thursday, April 12, 2007

"Lost": More and More Questions...

I admit that because of all of the good reviews I had read I actually watched the first half-hour of “Lost” before I got bored with hearing myself ask questions and turned off the TV…

Warning: The remainder of this post contains details about last night’s episode of “Lost.”

I like Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet) and it was great to see one of my all-time faves, Brett Cullen (Goodwin), but is anyone following this? Why did Juliet agree to leave her pregnant and possibly dying sister to go to some mysterious place where she had to be drugged to go? The “you know this place is special” explanation just didn’t do it for me…

And did Jacob save Juliet's sister, or was Ben lying about the return of her cancer? And who is Jacob?

And why does this show make me ask so many questions?

Because I couldn’t help myself, I turned the TV back on to see the end. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that the whole thing— Juliet being left by the Others, Claire’s illness, Juliet saving her—was all a scam orchestrated by Ben. It wasn’t surprising, but it was disappointing. I was really hoping that Juliet would be a victim of the Others, not one of their chief instigators.

Which leads to more questions. If she hates Ben so much and so desperately wants to leave, why is she helping him? Is this her ticket home?

And what in the world did Juliet do to earn Jack’s trust? Was it because she saved Kate?

One last question. Any thoughts?