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Friday, February 23, 2007

"Grey's Anatomy": Whatever...

So, I taped last night’s “Grey’s Anatomy” so I could see how the big crisis got resolved. And after I was done eulogizing “The O.C.,” I spent the next hour watching it.

And maybe it was because I had just seen one of the best series finales ever, or maybe it was because I’m not a regular viewer, but for me the word that kept popping into my head throughout the entire episode was…whatever.

Now before all of you “Grey’s” fans go Jack Bauer on me, let me say that I know “Grey’s” can be an excellent show—I’ve seen good episodes. But for me, this wasn’t one of them…

Warning: The remainder of this post contains details about last night’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Usually, when a character has an out-of-body experience, someone on the other side convinces them to go back because there’s something left for them to accomplish. But Denny’s main argument for Meredith (although he touched briefly on losing loved ones) was that it would be too hard for the others. What?! A woman contemplates suicide and your argument is that it would be too hard on her friends?

And speaking of suicide, since I’m not a regular viewer of the show I’m hoping there are other details about Meredith’s life that would make this more plausible, because wanting to end your life because your mother called you ordinary just doesn’t work for me.

And was it actually necessary to kill Meredith’s mother in order to make things right? They couldn’t have done that among the living?

I applaud the show for trying to do something different with a tried-and-true plot device, but I think they wasted too much time with Meredith being oblivious and the weird interludes with Bonnie bleeding out (?!).

And after all that “suspense” to see if Meredith made it, the ending seemed somewhat anticlimactic. Maybe that was just me.

If “Grey’s” is not careful, it could fall into the pit of “ER” with its “very special” crisis-of the-week episodes. The show is at its best when the characters are interacting with each other—Callie and Izzy fighting it out, George trying to deal with Izzy, Christina showing off her 99 cent wares to the bartender—not when they’re roaming around empty hallways dead…