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Monday, January 08, 2007

The "Knights" in Shining Comedy

The “Knights of Prosperity” seemed like the silliest idea—and it is. But that doesn’t make it any less funny.

Donal Logue is Eugene, who’s worked as a janitor for 20 years. When a fellow janitor dies on the job, Eugene realizes he needs a change. However, his dream to own a bar is dashed when he’s turned down for a loan. But while watching E!, he comes up with another idea—robbing Mick Jagger.

Eugene recruits his friends Squatch, a fellow janitor, Gary, a cab driver, and Rockefeller, a security guard, to help him. They’re later joined by Esparanza, a Columbian waitress, and Louis, who joins them as an internship. Eugene christens them the Knights of Prosperity, complete with printed t-shirts.

The premiere centers on the group trying to find Jagger’s apartment number and getting the key. Through a series of bumblings, they actually manage to get both, but unknown to them, there are several more layers of security to go through.

The show is not laugh-out-loud funny (although it has its moments), but it’s just so crazy that you can’t help but enjoy it. Donal Logue is just as loveable as he was on “Grounded for Life” and he’s surrounded by a solid supporting cast.

The problem is where the show goes from here. Since Jagger only participated in the pilot, the show will eventually have to focus on other celebrities. And I’m worried that maybe the concept will get old.

But right now, the concept is one of the most original I’ve seen in a while, so I’m willing to stick it out—and you should too.

“The Knights of Prosperity” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on ABC. You can watch the premiere on-line at…