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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

McConaughey Gets Sacked

Poor Matthew McConaughey. He went all the way to Indianapolis to promote “We Are Marshall” during “Monday Night Football” and barely got to say hello—let alone promote the movie.

Unfortunately, he got sacked by ESPN’s lousy coverage, as they attempted to talk to him right in the middle of a Bengals drive. Instead of trying to rearrange things to allow more time, they went on with their regular broadcast—even going to a pointless sideline feature about one of the Colts players. McConaughey answered ONE question about the movie. If not for his ability to seize his talking opportunities, he wouldn’t have gotten to say anything at all. If I were him, I would’ve walked out of that booth, walked straight to the publicist and asked why I even bothered.

Which makes me wonder why ESPN even bothered. They couldn’t have interviewed McConaughey during halftime? I think we could’ve done without Terrell Owens’ latest antics or the pointless “Jacked Up!” segment we had already seen most of to make room for him.

ESPN has shown a lot of love to “We Are Marshall,” but they didn’t show it last night…