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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Is Jeffrey Going Down?

This has absolutely been the most controversial season of Project Runway yet.

Just witness last week’s incredibly awkward reunion show. I think the producers made a big mistake bringing Keith in from the beginning, because it made everyone uncomfortable for the entire hour.

And how about his explanation? First, he claimed that no one ever said he couldn’t have pattern-making books. But when the other designers shot that down, he changed his story, saying they were taken away from him when he came on the show and then they mysteriously appeared again in his room. What a jerk!

And speaking of jerks, what was up with Vincent slamming Tim Gunn? On his post-reunion rant on, Vincent calls Tim a trashmouth. What?! Tim Gunn rocks!

Which is why I know he’ll do the right thing with the latest Runway controversy. Last night on part one of the season finale, Laura accused Jeffrey of outsourcing some of his sewing. When I first heard about this, I figured it wouldn’t amount to anything; but the fact that Tim took the accusation so seriously makes me think that he suspected it as well. Plus, we saw Tim ask for the designers’ receipts—something he has never done on-camera before—which makes me think they will come into play later.

But the most telling sign of all is the preview which shows Jeffrey crying on Uli’s shoulder. Those could be tears of relief, but since we hear Tim say “unfortunately,” it doesn’t look good for Jeffrey.

Is Jeffrey going down? Man, I hope so! He deserves it for the way he treated Angela’s mom—especially since he didn’t apologize during the reunion show when he had the chance.

But whatever happens, I’ll be watching because I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

And I’ve got the Tim Gunn bobblehead to prove it!