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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Still Living on Wisteria Lane...For Now

I finally caught up with my Desperate Housewives viewing yesterday; and I’m a little surprised to say that I’m still into it.

I was actually kind of hoping I wouldn’t be so I could mark another show off my viewing list.

That’s not to say that DH is back to its old self, because it isn’t. But I think we all need to face that fact that it never will be…

I still hate Lynette’s storyline, but I have to admit I enjoyed it when Nora put Lynette in her place. And I wish someone would make up their minds about Gabi. Clearly they don’t want her with a baby, so why did they even bother? But it was nice to see John get a decent goodbye.

I’m not happy to see Andrew back, but I like Orson’s role in the whole thing. Marcia Cross (Bree) has said that she thinks Orson will turn out to be a good guy. I hope so, because he’s starting to grow on me. But considering he apologized to that dead body (in French, no less), I kind of doubt it.

I actually found myself laughing out loud at Sunday’s episode more than a few times—which I haven’t done while watching DH in quite awhile. Most of it was at Susan’s story (Dougray Scott is such a cutie!). However, I have to say I’m not really thrilled with where it’s going since I’m not a big fan of Edie.

The one thing that is similar to the first season is there’s a good mystery and it once again involves all of the housewives, which helps to make it more compelling. And it’s only fitting that Mr. Twin Peaks himself, Kyle MacLachlan, would be driving it.

As I said, I plan to stick with DH for now, but I’m keeping my expectations low. That way I don’t get as disappointed in the end.

Desperate Housewives airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on ABC.