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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Another "Runway" Scandal

I know I say this every week, but I just have to say it again…


Last week, the show gave us another first as it decided to send all four finalists to Olympus Fashion Week (a twist that was semi-spoiled by the promos): Laura, Jeffrey, Michael and Uli.

But the decision wasn’t without drama. As I predicted from looking at the pictures in “Entertainment Weekly,” there was a model switch as Uli snatched Nazri away from Michael, eliminating her longtime model, Lindsey. A stunned Michael chose Clarissa—Angela’s longtime model—putting her back in the game.

The pictures in “EW” showed something else—a strong collection from Jeffrey, with one fashion expert giving him the win. Could Jeffrey actually win this thing?

Not so fast…

Laura is now accusing Jeffrey of bringing in outside help to complete his collection—which is against show rules. Tim Gunn has told the media that a thorough investigation was conducted; but he is, of course, not saying if any action was taken.

You know what I’m always saying about what goes around, comes around. Wouldn’t it be great if Jeffrey finally got his comeuppance for being so rude to Angela’s mother on the verge of his greatest triumph?

Since the reunion special is filmed before the runway show, I doubt we will hear anything about it tonight. But I think you can guarantee this controversy is only beginning.

Stay tuned…