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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"30 Rock": Hearing Doesn't Make It Funny

I held off on my critique of “30 Rock” for a week since a technical glitch kept me from hearing the entire first episode.

Unfortunately, my original assessment turned out to be correct. And being able to hear it didn’t make it any funnier.

I’m beginning to realize that my idea of funny and the critics’ idea of funny are two totally different things. I shouldn’t be surprised since I didn’t think “Mean Girls” (which Tina Fey wrote) was nearly as funny as everyone else did either.

But in Fey’s defense, she doesn’t get much help here, as the supporting cast can be a little annoying. Jane Krakowski’s over-the-top performance just proves that Rachel Dratch would have been so much better in the role (I’m still a little miffed at how that change was made at the last minute.). And Alec Baldwin chews so much scenery I’m surprised there’s anything left to act on. Plus, was anyone else bothered by the plug for GE’s new oven right in the middle of the premiere, followed by a commercial for the actual oven?

I guess that because Fey was so good on “Weekend Update,” I’m just expecting to laugh out loud—and that’s not happening.

Maybe critics are frightened by the sound of their own laughter…