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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Question of the Week: Your Viewing Schedule

As we head into the wondrous time known as November sweeps, you’ve no doubt made up your mind as to what shows are worth watching and which ones aren’t.

So here’s your Question of the Week: What’s your viewing schedule?

Here’s what mine looks like. Of course, remember that it will all change in January. Plus, I’ve italicized the shows that I’m considering dropping…

7 PM—“Football Night In America”
8 PM—“Sunday Night Football”
9 PM—Desperate Housewives (tape)

8 PM—Prison Break
9 PM—“Heroes,” “Justice” (tape)
10 PM—“CSI: Miami”

10 PM—Boston Legal

10 PM—The Nine

9 PM—“The O.C.” (beginning November 2nd)

I usually fill in the blanks with “Friends” re-runs on TBS (although, regrettably, there are a lot less of those this season) and whatever is on Bravo.

So what shows do you plan around?