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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What Goes Around Didn't Come Around...

In the unpredictable world of TV, you can usually count on one thing: what goes around comes around.

And if anyone was due for something to come around, it was Jeffrey Sebelia of “Project Runway.” He was rude and insulting to his fellow contestants most of the season; but his treatment of Angela’s mom during the “Everyday Woman” challenge just begged for retribution.

So when Laura claimed that Jeffrey outsourced some of the sewing on his final collection—which is against the rules—I thought Jeffrey was finally going to get his.

Or at least I was really hoping he would. Because based on pictures from Fashion Week that I had seen, if Jeffrey wasn’t disqualified, he was going to win.

Which, of course, is what happened.

And, I’m disappointed. But Jeffrey did have the best collection. Ironically, the investigation into Laura’s claim actually helped Jeffrey because it found him to be over budget, which forced him to eliminate his stupid blonde wigs.

Now, do I think Jeffrey sewed his clothes? Believe it or not, I actually do. I think that the restraints of the challenges kept Jeffrey from showing his true skills.

Much like the challenge restraints kept Michael from revealing his true nature as a designer—completely tasteless. Under the rules and time constraints, Michael flourished and was clearly the favorite. But when given complete freedom, he produced a collection of tawdry sportswear, dresses and bathing suits. Ironically, they were exactly the kind of designs that nearly kept him from getting on the show to start with (Tim Gunn had reservations about his portfolio.). The title was his for the taking and he choked.

As for Uli and Laura, they both had good collections as well. Uli had the best designs, but her collection was not cohesive. Laura’s was the most cohesive of the four and the most well-made, but the designs were a little too similar. And she may have gotten a little “what comes around” herself after her accusations against Jeffrey.

It’s always kind of hard to swallow when you follow a show for an entire season and it doesn’t end the way you’d like. But that’s the risk you take with any show—especially a reality one.

And even though I’ve got a bad taste in my mouth now, I’ll be back for season four.

Because despite the outcome, I still love this show.