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Thursday, August 31, 2006

"Super Hero": A Major Farewell

So if “Who Wants to Be a Super Hero?” is just a silly reality show, why was I bawling like a baby at the end of last week’s episode?

There can only be one reason. Major Victory, my favorite, turned in his costume.

Let’s face it. Last week was not a good one for me in terms of my favorite reality stars. First, Robert was cut from “Project Runway” and then the next night, it was farewell to Major Victory.

And what a farewell it was.

First, though, there were the challenges. Fat Momma, Feedback and Major Victory had to talk about their powers to a group of young school kids, who then picked their favorite. Feedback talked over their heads about electric pulses, Major Victory made them laugh, and Fat Momma gave them a speech about self-esteem. In the end, Fat Momma was the kids’ choice.

But she didn’t have time to celebrate as Stan gave them another challenge—locating the Dark Enforcer at the crowded Universal Citywalk. The heroes had to follow the clues until they reached his location. I thought there would be a hidden twist to the challenge, but one never materialized. Major Victory had the fastest time, followed by Feedback—who lost time while trying to pick up a penny he dropped—while Fat Momma ate people’s food and got a massage in between clues.

When the heroes returned to the lair, they began sharing how much the experience had meant to them. Suddenly, Fat Momma became upset and locked herself in the bathroom, vowing not to come out until she could speak with one of the show’s producers. When he arrived, she told him she was worried about Feedback being eliminated and what he would do if he was. “I don’t want it as much,” she told him.

Personally, I think she should have been eliminated right then. What made her think that Feedback was going to be eliminated? She was the one that was eating and getting massages when she was supposed to be saving people from a super villain! And who’s to say the entire thing wasn’t a ploy on her part?

After conferring with a producer and the other heroes, Fat Momma agreed to stay in the competition. And with that, it was time for another elimination.

I just knew in my gut that it wasn’t going to turn out the way I wanted. However, after seeing the commercial for the show’s DVD with Major Victory on the cover, I thought there was a chance I was wrong…

Stan congratulated Feedback for properly explaining his character to the kids—although Stan agreed he was talking over their heads. He also complimented him for taking the time to pick up the penny he dropped. It was clear that Feedback—despite Fat Momma’s concerns—wasn’t going anywhere.

Which left Fat Momma and Major Victory. Stan praised Fat Momma’s inspiring speech to the children, but criticized her for taking 40 MINUTES to complete the Dark Enforcer challenge, telling her that if she thought it was more important to stay in character, she was wrong. He then complimented Major Victory on being so entertaining, but then expressed his concern that he was becoming a parody of a super hero, instead of becoming a hero.

There was no question then that Major Victory was going home. I started to yell at the TV when Stan said, “Major Victory, turn in your costume.”

Suddenly, Feedback stepped back onto his cube, presumably to protest Stan’s decision. But Major Victory wouldn’t let him, telling him to “get down from there and tell me goodbye.”

But after Chris threw his Major Victory costume in the trash, Stan called him back. I was hoping he was giving him a second chance; but Stan had another surprise—a phone call from his daughter. Throughout the entire show, Chris had said he was doing this so his estranged daughter could be proud of him. So it was an emotional moment when he picked up the phone and heard his 16-year-old daughter’s voice. I couldn’t help but cry, especially when she said, “You’re my hero, daddy.” Even Stan cried at that one.

After cracking one more joke and flashing one more killer smile, Chris left the roof. And I was left to wipe the tears off my face and yell at myself for bawling over a stupid reality show.

Don’t worry, though. My tears didn’t last long once I discovered that Bravo was showing “The Lost Boys” for the umpteenth time.

So, do I agree with Stan’s decision? Yes and no. I agree that Major Victory was becoming more of a parody, but I think that Stan should have been harder on Fat Momma for shirking her duties in favor of staying in character. And besides, Chris was highly entertaining. I’m guessing he’s a pretty good DJ.

I can’t help but wonder if Stan regrets his decision now since Major Victory basically became the face of the show.

So who do I think is going to win? I think Feedback, without a doubt. How can you do an entire comic book and movie about a hero who can’t fight crime without eating a donut? Plus, Feedback has the more interesting backstory with the death of his father and he’ll appeal to the video game generation. And of all the contestants he took the show the most seriously. He probably deserves it.

The season finale of “Who Wants to Be a Super Hero?” airs tonight (Thursday) at 9 on the SciFi Channel.