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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"Runway": Family Affair, Part 2

The previews for tonight’s “Project Runway” promise some interesting developments.

If I’m not mistaken, Angela has a purse on the runway, which hints that the designers are designing for each other and the ads give the impression that Tim Gunn is going to be a judge! I hope so, because Tim has been disagreeing with the judges a lot lately (as have I) and that would give things an interesting twist.

One thing that Tim didn’t disagree with the judges on was who had to go last week. I agree too, but that didn’t make it any easier. Three times now Robert has designed boring clothes. This time, he even said himself that he was picking boring colors, so why didn’t he change them? The challenge was to please the client, but also to show the designer in the design. Robert didn’t come close to doing the latter and he was out.

That’s not to say Robert’s design was the worst, because it wasn’t. Jeffrey’s was. His dress for Angela’s mother, Darlene, looked like a giant tent draped over her. But there was no way he was going to be out after his blow-up with Darlene. Seeing her mother cry made Angela hate Jeffrey all the more, which is bound to lead to much more drama.

In other words, Jeffrey is better TV. I have to think that’s why Heidi was SO hard on Robert on the runway. She knew she had to defend the decision she had already made.

But even Jeffrey was emotional after the elimination. As he told his mom, “They’re not all good people and Robert is.” Even Tim Gunn got a little emotional—which is what made me lose it. I was fine until then.

So who am I rooting for now? I’m almost afraid to root for anyone for fear I will jinx them, but my favorite has to be Michael. I’m also rooting for Laura because I want to see how she’ll handle Fashion Week while nine months pregnant (or just having given birth depending on the show’s timing). And how can you not love Kayne? I was a little disappointed that he wasn’t more emotional at Robert’s ouster. They were SO cute together.

You can still catch an encore of last week’s episode tonight (Wednesday) at 9. Even though I’ve told you how it turns out, it’s still worth watching if only for the reaction of Laura’s mom to the news she’s going to be a grandmother for the SIXTH time.

The new episode of “Project Runway” will air tonight at 10 on Bravo.