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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Are You A Major Cheapskate?

Are you a major cheapskate? Then you could possibly be the next reality TV star…

My friend, Dave Lavender, passed along to me this note from a casting agent:

Is cheap a way of life for you? Take pride in your “unwasteful” ways?

If you are an expert when it comes to outrageous and creative cost-cutting methods that keep your budget on track: we want to hear from you.

In this upbeat one hour special for a major cable network we will follow five thrifty geniuses from across the nation whose inventive and extreme approach to saving money takes penny pinching to a whole new level.

To be considered for the show, send an email to: detailing your most extraordinary money saving methods and how much it saves you every day, month or year.

Please also include: Name, Age, Contact Number, Email Address, City & State.

Good luck to anyone who tries to get cast….