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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tonight's the Night to Be "Hot" or "Retired"

If you’ve watched any TV Land in the last few months, you know that “Hot in Cleveland” returns tonight, followed by the premiere of “Retired at 35.”

The first five minutes of “Hot” are hilarious as everyone gets out of the way and lets Betty White and Mary Tyler Moore do their thing. But then the episode gets a little wobbly as “Hot” threatens to fall victim to one of the stalest sitcom plots ever—the green card dilemma.

“Retired” seems like your familiar traditional sitcom, but then the plot takes a turn you didn’t see coming. However, the twist comes too early and the show completely goes off track—especially when the writers of the second episode seem to have completely forgotten to watch the first one.

You can read more of my thoughts in last week’s column.

“Hot In Cleveland” and “Retired at 35” premiere tonight beginning at 9 on TV Land…

Photos Credit: TV Land