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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kiefer's Next Project

For me, any time Kiefer Sutherland does anything, it’s big news. But this is BIG news… is reporting exclusively that Kiefer’s next TV-related project will be a web series for Hulu.

It’s called “The Confession” and will consist of 10 5-7 minute webisodes. Kiefer will play a hitman who has a discussion with a priest (John Hurt) about why his victims deserved to die. According to the report, the series “ends with one helluva twist.”

“The Confession” will premiere on Hulu in March.

Also in the story, Kiefer gives some hope to us “24” fans about a big-screen version, calling it “the little engine that could.” I like the sound of that…

Photo Credit: Lorenzo Agius/FOX