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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Law & Order: Los Angeles" Gets a Revamp

The “Law & Order: Los Angeles” cast picture you see here is about to look very different, according to

The website reports that three cast members have been let go from the cast--Regina Hall (ADA Evelyn Price) and Megan Boone (DDA Lauren Stanton), and—here’s the big one—Skeet Ulrich (Detective Rex Winters)), who was the first actor cast on the show.

It’s not unusual for creator Dick Wolf to revamp the “L & O” shows after their first season (Remember that George Dzunda left after the first season of the original.), but to get rid of the star in the middle of the season? To me this smacks of a little desperation on the part of Wolf and NBC.

It also makes me a little sad at just how far the mighty have fallen…

Photo Credit: Florian Schneider/NBC