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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Grey's Anatomy" and "Private Practice" DVD Reviews: For the Sexy Medical Drama Fans

This week is a big one in the world of TV on DVD…

And two of the biggest releases are “Grey’s Anatomy Complete Fifth Season More Moments” and “Private Practice: The Complete Second Season.”

This was an interesting season for “Grey’s” as fans were so angry about the Izzie-Denny story, but then they were so on board for the emotional cliffhanger (It was really good.). And honestly, watching it all together in one set like this, eveything does play much better.

Helping explain things even further is “Heaven Sent,” a featurette about the character of Denny Duquette with interviews with Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Denny), Executive Producer Betsy Beers, Creator/Executive Producer Shonda Rhimes and more.

However, there are no commentaries on any of the episodes, which I think would’ve fleshed out the writing process a little further. And it would’ve allowed us to hear interesting tidbits I’ve read other places, including Rhimes’ last minute switch of Denny for George in the finale cliffhanger.

There are some good special features on the set, though. We get a look behind the scenes of the 100th episode, which features lots of interviews with the cast. Hearing Kevin McKidd (Owen) speak with his native Scottish accent is really something to see (and hear).

There are also bloopers, unaired scenes with commentary and one extended episode.

Since “Private Practice” and “Grey’s” are so tied together, it only makes sense that they would be released on the same day. “Practice” changed a little this season by focusing more on the moral dilemmas doctors must face.

And there are lots of them during this season including abortion, pre-teen pregnancy and the controversy surrounding vaccinations. But as we find out in the Bonus Features, the cast loves the dilemmas and loves to argue about them—even when the cameras stop rolling.

In fact, it’s obvious that this cast just loves doing this show and that’s always something I like to see. Watching Paul Adelstein (Cooper) and Amy Brenneman (Violet) talk during the featurette, “Patient Confidentiality: Examining Season 2” is a real treat.

The set also has extended episodes, deleted scenes with commentary, bloopers and a special look at the amazing photography of Chris Lowell (Drew).

But the coolest feature on both sets is the Start Kit, which gives you a quick catch-up on the shows so you can really enjoy the sets—even if you’ve never watched a single episode.

Fans of both shows—as well as fans of sexy medical dramas—will want to add these sets to their collection…

“Grey’s Anatomy Complete Fifth Season More Moments” and “Private Practice: The Complete Second Season” are available now…

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