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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Searching For My Childhood Crush

This week, I got an e-mail from one of the many wonderful publicists I work with on a daily basis.

She had noticed the bio on this blog that mentions my love for Face from “The A-Team.” She wanted to let me know that she too was in love with Face and even has the memorabilia to prove it.

Then, news broke that Bradley Cooper is in talks to play Face in the “A-Team” movie.

Both of these events led me to go on a mission. A mission to find my childhood crush, Dirk Benedict.

And would you believe, I found him…

After sending out an e-mail to get some contact information to try and secure an interview, I received an e-mail from…wait for it…Dirk Benedict. And then when I thanked him for his first very kind e-mail, he sent me another one and because I mentioned my fiance, he congratulated me on my engagement.

Granted, I've been engaged for quite some time, but he doesn't have to know that...

The one bummer about this is that he actually turned me down for the interview, because he doesn’t really do those anymore; but he was very sweet about it. And if there’s any way he’s reading this now—which could be entirely possible—let me just say for the record that my crush is still intact.

Bradley Cooper has some serious shoes to fill…
Photo Credit: Universal Studios Home Entertainment