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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pick of the Week: Long Live the “Kings”

Since I had picked a show from Bravo two weeks in a row, I figured that I should go with another network this week. But with Bravo having such a big week, I thought I would have to anyway and then you guys would just have to forgive me.

But then I received a sign as a candle I lit while watching Bravo mysteriously blew out…

Okay, that didn’t happen to me, but that is one of the cool things that happened on an episode of this week’s Pick that put it over the top…

My Pick of the Week is “Kings.”

Let’s face it. “Kings” is not for everyone. It’s a very different kind of show and I can understand why NBC had trouble promoting it. But with so many look-alike shows on TV, I think different is good and I encourage you to check out the show while you still can.

The show can get a little wordy and the religious aspects don’t always gel with the rest of the show, but there’s just something about the drama that sucks you in. And watching Ian McShane (King Silas) chew the scenery is highly entertaining.

But the real star of the show is Eamonn Walker as Reverend Samuels. This role was custom made for him and so I appreciate when there are lots of religious elements so we can see more of him (Somebody get this guy another show!)

If you’ve never seen it, “Kings” tells the story of the kingdom of Gilboa. King Silas was selected by God to rule, but he has recently fallen out of favor with him. And God appears to now be showing favor to David (Chris Egan), the young man who stood up to the Goliath tanks of Gath, saved the life of the king’s son, and helped bring peace to the region. David has a thing for Silas’ daughter Michelle (Allison Miller), which she is hesitant to pursue. But Silas’ son, Jack (Sebastian Stan), is extremely jealous of David because he is afraid that David will replace him—especially since Jack leads a secret life his father doesn’t approve of. Jack allied himself with his uncle William (the wonderful Dylan Baker) in order to overthrow Silas, but it is unclear now whose side he is on other than his own. Also in the kingdom are Reverend Samuels, who provides Silas counsel, and the cold-hearted Queen Rose (Susanna Thompson).

Last week, Silas was forced to kill his righthand man, General Abner, after he discovered he was working to continue the war between Gilboa and Gath. So, Silas put his faith in Jack and David to protect him. Plus, Michelle discovered a plague outbreak and then risked her life to help a dying little boy.

This week, Macaulay Culkin returns as William’s son Andrew, which will no doubt stir up trouble in the kingdom, especially since a blackout puts the royal family in danger.

There is a risk with watching “Kings” since we have no idea how much closure we’ll get it, but I’m willing to take it and I hope you are too…

“Kings” airs Saturday, June 20th at 8 p.m. on NBC…

Photo Credit: Andrew Eccles/NBC