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Monday, June 22, 2009

"NYC Prep" Review: The Best Is Yet to Come?

As I am writing this, I am watching “The Last Supper” episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey for at least the fourth time.

For Bravo, these ladies were lightning in a bottle. They were interesting personalities doing interesting—and sometimes crazy—things. And Teresa flipping over that table? That was reality gold.

Unfortunately, Bravo’s timeslot replacement for the ladies doesn’t quite provide the same juicy drama…yet…

“NYC Prep” follows a group of elite high school kids in New York City. And yes, there are parts of it that are very much like a real-life “Gossip Girl.”

For example, the most annoying “character” on the show is Taylor, who is the equivalent of Jenny, the most annoying character on “Gossip.” Taylor goes to a public school but she does whatever she possibly can to keep up with her private school friends. In the premiere, she just announces to her mother that she’s having a party without asking for her permission, telling her who’s coming or even where the party is going to be.

At the party, Taylor meets Sebastian, the ladies’ man of the show, which we learn very early on when he ends up getting Taylor’s number, even though he came to the party with Kelli.

Kelli is a spoiled little rich girl whose parents only stay with her a few days a week. Her best friend is Camille, who is obsessed with getting good grades so she can get into Harvard. Jessie is very involved with charity work, but she’s closed off when it comes to making new friends, so she completely ignores Kelli and Camille.

But the real star of the show is Jessie’s best friend (and ex) PC. He is the Chuck Bass of the show, only he’s not quite that charming (although he thinks he is). However, he does have all of the best moments in the premiere.

Minus an awkward scene involving a thrown water bottle, PC and Jessie’s relationship is really the highlight of the show as it’s obvious they’re both crazy about each other, but neither will admit it. And when PC decides to hang out with Kelli and Camille, he actually becomes less interesting.

There is some potential here for good drama, but it isn’t quite realized in the premiere. However, as I’ve said many times, you can’t always judge a show by its first episode, so I’m willing to give “Prep” another shot. If only to see PC and Jessie get together—if they don’t kill each other first…

“NYC Prep” premieres Tuesday, June 23rd at 10 p.m. on Bravo…

Photo Credit: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo