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Monday, February 16, 2009

And the Verdict Is…

So some of you out there may be wondering what I decided about resurrecting Manic Monday.

In other words, am I returning “Heroes” to my must-see list?

And the verdict is…I don’t know yet.

There was a lot disappointing about last week’s episode. The whole thing with Matt having Isaac’s power. The “death” of Daphne (I put death in quotes because this is “Heroes” after all.). And even though the creator told us that we didn’t need to know anything from the last volume, they insisted on reminding us of the whole Ando will kill Hiro in the future thing.

But for some reason I’m still intrigued. There’s something about this whole Sylar storyline that’s got me interested—especially with the addition of the adorable Dan Byrd as Sylar’s sidekick.

And maybe Zeljko Ivanek (The Hunter) is so good he’s making me believe the show is better than it actually is. And I love Adrian Pasdar (Nathan) as a total sleaze.

So, I’m giving it one more week. And then I will decide once and for all what to do about “Heroes.”

However, with the way the ratings are dropping each week, if I wait long enough I may not have to make any decision at all…

Photo Credit: Chris Haston/NBC