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Monday, December 22, 2008

Sunday's Big Game: As Juicy As It Gets

“This is the only way fate would have it, right? I just don't think it would happen any other way. There wouldn't be any other scenario. This is how sports works.”

That’s how Chad Pennington himself describes the situation he now finds himself in. And it is as juicy as it gets…

Now you guys know I try not to dwell too much on sports in this blog since I know not everyone’s a fan. But what’s happening to Chad and his Dolphins is just too huge to ignore.

You’ll recall what happened to Chad during the offseason. The New York Jets got all caught up in Brett Favre mania and no longer had use for Chad. So he was waived by the Jets and picked up by the Dolphins.

Now, fast forward to week 16 of the NFL season. The Dolphins are 10-5 with Chad as their starting quarterback (which earns Chad a nice little bonus, by the way) and are in control of their own playoff destiny. There’s just one team that stands in their way…

You guessed it. The New York Jets.

If the Dolphins win Sunday, they’re in the playoffs. If they lose, they could still make it, but they’d need a lot of help.

The Jets meanwhile can only make the playoffs if they beat the Dolphins AND if New England loses or if they beat the Dolphins AND New England wins AND Baltimore loses (which as hot as they are, probably isn’t going to happen).

Does it get any bigger than that?

According to WOWK’s website, they haven’t made a decision about which game they are going to carry Sunday. And even though I’ll be out of town and won’t be able to see it, I implore them to carry the Dolphins-Jets game.

I know the Steelers are playing the Browns, but the Browns are playing their pathetic third string quarterback and the Steelers have already clinched the number two seed so Steelers fans can just get over themselves.

This is Chad’s shot at sweet revenge. And I think all of us would love to see him get it…

The Miami Dolphins take on the New York Jets Sunday, December 28th at 1 p.m. on CBS…