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Friday, May 23, 2008

CBS Finale Roundup

Here’s my annual round-up of season finales on CBS…

“The Big Bang Theory”: Will It Go Boom?

This show has become one of my very favorites. It is truly the funniest show on TV--besides “CSI: Miami,” of course. The humor can be a little cerebral and it’s always geeky, but it’s hilarious nonetheless.

If you’ve never seen it, “Bang” is the story of two geeks, Leonard and Sheldon (Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons) who live next door to a beautiful blonde, Penny (Kaley Cuoco). Leonard has a huge crush on Penny, but has never acted on it--until the finale…

After Penny breaks up with her boyfriend, Leonard asks her out and she accepts. But both of them have their doubts, until Leonard kisses Penny and she likes it. When the episode ends, we see the two of them going on their first date.

Of course, we all wanted Leonard to get his shot with Penny, but did it happen too early? We all know how getting the couple together can be a “jump the shark” moment. And if they don’t work out, what will the show’s premise be then?

I had just added this show to my must-see-list. I hope I don’t end up marking it off…

“How I Met Your Mother”: What?!
At the end of last season, I said “Mother” was the most frustrating show on TV. I understand that the premise is finding out who the “mother” is and if they tell that the show could possibly jump the shark. But sometimes I just want to scream, “Tell us already, would ya?”

However, in the past few weeks (minus that silly Britney episode), I’ve fallen for the show’s charm, thanks in large part to Sarah Chalke’s turn as Stella. And the season finale was incredibly charming--minus that WAY too long Marshall with lice flashback--as Ted realized he loved Stella and reconciled with Barney. Plus, Barney realizing he loves Robin was…wait for it…AWESOME!

But then, the show completely threw me for a loop when Ted proposed to Stella in the show’s cliffhanger.


There’s been a lot of speculation that Stella is the mother and this development (although we haven’t heard her answer yet) would lend some credibility to that. But I can’t help but wonder if this is too soon.

And if she says no, I’ll be crushed. Because I really would like for her to be the mother. And not just because I want the show to get on with this thing…

“NCIS”: Give Me a Break!
So if I had to choose a person to die on this show, Director Jenny Shepherd would have absolutely been my choice. She’s annoyed me ever since she came on the show. The only problem was that her death insured that drama would overshadow the show’s usual humorous charm since she was the director and she was so intertwined with Gibbs. And having the death occur in the first hour just made it even worse.

But it was the show’s cliffhanger that really made me roll my eyes--for the second year in a row, I might add. After Jenny’s funeral, the new director called the team to his office and let them know he was reassigning McGee and DiNozzo, sending Ziva home and giving Gibbs a new team…

Give me a break!

I understand the show wants to shake things up, but why? I told you it’s the little show that could, so shouldn’t they just leave well enough alone? The ending really looked like something Donald Bellisario would do. And I thought he and his ways were long gone…

“Numb3rs”: “I think it’s to be continued…”
Speaking of shows trying to shake things up, “Numb3rs” threw in a real twist when Charlie (David Krumholtz) and Don (Rob Morrow) ended up on opposite sides of an issue, leading to Charlie losing his ability to work with the FBI. Now, obviously, this situation will get repaired, or else there’s no show. As Alan, their dad, said when Don left for the bureau without Charlie, “I think it’s to be continued…”

Interestingly, the idea of Charlie and Don being on opposite sides was the original premise of the show. In fact, the brothers were so estranged that the original pilot (with another actor playing Don) actually ended with Don hitting on Amita. Obviously, the estrangement is an idea that the show still wants to pursue, but I hate it when this show tries to get all personal.

However, I loved the fact that Larry did not leave with Megan. I was a little worried that Peter
MacNicol might be forced out by Diane Farr’s exit. And let’s face it. He’s the only real reason to watch this show…