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Monday, December 10, 2007

Closer to Perfect Than I Thought?

Last night, I posted some comments from Donald Sutherland about Kiefer’s DUI arrest:

“You don’t want to get me going on this. All I can tell you is that he is
the most honorable, responsible, decent man I know, and I love him with a
passion. [Kiefer] behaved in a way that was so pure and so perfect and so
respectful. There are other elements in this community of ours that were less
so, but he was perfect.”

Perhaps Kiefer was a little more perfect than I thought…

A couple days ago on an AOL news site, someone posted this in the comments:

"What this news report doesn't tell you is that Kiefer was waiting for a taxi,
when the doorman at the club told him he had to park his car on the other side
of the street. As soon as he moved his car the police moved in and arrested

A post on the “24” forum from someone who was recently on the set in Washington, D.C., seemed to confirm the story:

"This makes me even sadder, because it seems to confirm something that I heard
while 24 was shooting here. According to the person who let me watch the last
day of shooting, Kiefer told him that the night of his arrest, he had a car
arranged to drive him home but was told to drive his car to a parking lot and
meet it there. I just didn't believe it. It didn't make sense. But when I read
this, I wonder if it did."

Adding to the story’s truth factor is the fact that Kiefer was pulled over for making the illegal u-turn just a block from the FOX party.

I’m still feeling a little ill…

So if this is true, the big question is why wouldn’t Kiefer have fought it? Why would he serve 48 DAYS in jail for moving his car? Donald already told you. “He is the most honorable, responsible, decent man I know.”

He would have done it to protect “24.” Kiefer and his lawyers knew that fighting the charges would drag everything out, threatening the show’s production schedule. So, Kiefer took the deal (Unfortunately, the writers’ strike has made his sacrifice look even more unnecessary.).

Now, again, I have no proof that this is actually what happened. We will never know what happened until Kiefer comes forward. So, if by any possibility, one of Kiefer’s PR people is reading this, let me make a suggestion…

After he gets out of prison, have Kiefer do a sitdown TAPED interview with someone. My suggestion would be Ann Curry from NBC since she she’s not too tough. He could get his story out there, show his remorse and understanding for what he did and remind everyone about “24.” It could be a true PR bonanza for you…

Again, I want to say that I do not condone what Kiefer did. Driving while intoxicated is wrong and should be punished. If he was just moving his car, he should have gotten someone to move it for him since he still could have hurt someone or himself.

But you have to admit. Forty-eight days does sound a little harsh for trying to keep your car from getting towed…

42 days to go…