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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

"Cavemen" Review: ???

Does anyone remember that episode of “Friends” from the first season ("The One With the Butt") when Joey did the play, “Freud!”? It was a musical about the life of Sigmund Freud and it was really bad. When the curtain went down for the final time, Rachel summed up the whole group’s feelings by saying, “I feel violated.”

That’s exactly how I feel about watching “Cavemen.”

I just can’t believe that someone actually thought this show was good enough to be on network television. And when I think of how “Knights of Prosperity” was cancelled for this crap, it just makes me want to cry.

If you missed it—and I hope for your sake you did—the show follows three cavemen roommates. One of them is an intellectual who is opposed to dating outside their kind (i.e. homo sapiens). One works at a Lowes-type store and is dating a homo sapien and the other just moved to California to try and get over his old girlfriend. I guess the show is supposed to be a cross between “Friends” and “Sex and the City,” but it’s just so ridiculous it’s a complete insult to those shows that I even said that.

I’m not a big fan of sexual innuendo, but caveman sexual innuendo? Am I actually supposed to be sitting through this without losing my dinner?

I know the show is supposed to be about confronting prejudice as the cavemen fight to gain equal footing with the homo sapiens, but it’s just so ridiculous. If I want to see a comedy integrate racial prejudice successfully into its storylines, I’ll watch reruns of “A Different World,” or even “The Jeffersons.”

Of course, watching people read the phone book would be more entertaining than this disaster.

I’m going to need another shower just to get the stench of this stinker off me…

“Cavemen” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC…