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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Which shows do fans want saved?

A few weeks ago, I told you about the “USA Today” annual Save Our Shows survey.

So which shows do “USA Today” readers want to save? Out of 63,000 online votes, 56% said “Law & Order” should be saved, followed by “Scrubs,” “Friday Night Lights” and “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”—all NBC shows.

Here’s the entire list…

“Law & Order”—56%
“Friday Night Lights”—49%
“Law & Order: Criminal Intent”—47%
“The New Adventures of Old Christine”—38%
“The Unit”—37%
“Crossing Jordan”—33%
“Ghost Whisperer”—30%
“Gilmore Girls”—28%
“The Class”—22%
“According to Jim”—20%
“October Road”—19%
“What About Brian”—17%
“George Lopez”—13%
“The War At Home”—12%
“Knights of Prosperity”—9%
“In Case of Emergency”—6%

I seriously doubt that the networks give this poll any credence, but it’s interesting to see which shows have support. “USA Today” did not include “Veronica Mars,” because they believed it to already be a goner (but I’m not as sure)…

So what is the prognosis for some of these shows? Both “Law & Order” shows are in danger, with “Criminal Intent” being in the most trouble. “Friday Night Lights” is expected to return and if “Scrubs” is cancelled by NBC, ABC is expected to pick it up. Recent reports say that “Crossing Jordan” will survive, which is probably bad news for “Law & Order” and “Medium,” which has a slim chance of a CBS pickup. “Gilmore Girls” will not return and I would bet against “According to Jim,” “George Lopez,” “The Class,” and “What About Brian.” Michael Rappaport has been cast in another FOX pilot, so I would also bet against “The War at Home.”

We’ll find out officially next week when the networks announce their schedules during the upfront presentations. And, of course, I’ll be here to keep it all straight for you…