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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Goodbye to "Passions"

I have to say that this one came as a bit of a shocker...

After eight years, NBC has cancelled "Passions." The move comes after NBC's decision to expand "Today" to four hours.

The network's contract with the show ends in June, but NBC is hoping to extend it until August when "Today" will begin its fourth hour.

Because the show is SO popular with young women, it's believed that NBC will try and find some way to keep the show alive. "Variety" reports some of the possibilities are an on-line serial, producing the show for SoapNet, or even producing it for the struggling MyNetworkTV.

I never watched "Passions" because of my anger over it replacing my favorite soap of all time, "Another World," but I am sad to hear of its demise. Any time a soap is cancelled, it's bad news for the others still on the air.

And you can't help but worry about "Days of Our Lives"--just when it's starting to get good again...