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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Making It Work Once Again

To prepare for last night’s season premiere of “Project Runway,” I watched the first season over four days on DVD. You’d think that knowing who the winner was would ruin it for me; but it actually made me more interested as I wondered how it was going to happen.

And Wendy Pepper? I don’t even know where to begin with that chick. She was reality TV at its best and worst all rolled into one person which made for great TV.

After watching Jay’s victory on DVD, I watched Chloe’s victory (for at least the third time) re-run on Bravo. Then we got to see the casting process for season three in action with “Road to the Runway,” which also featured some updates on our favorite contestants. I love the fact that Austin is designing wedding dresses. But I noticed that Daniel didn’t mention Michael Kors telling him he didn’t have a job opening for him after Michael offered him one on the finale.

Then, finally, after ENDLESS promos, it was time to kick off season three. The first challenge was—as always—the innovation challenge. The designers had to create an outfit from materials found in their apartment (not including clothes). The designers had a little too much fun destroying their new homes by tearing apart mattresses, chandeliers, shower curtains and anything else they could get their hands on.

The fabulous Tim Gunn, who acts as the designers’ mentor, says that this is the best group yet. I think he means the kookiest. Among the notables so far is Vincent who gave up designing because he couldn’t take the pressure, but has now returned. From the looks of things last night, he’s still a little cracked. You just knew he was in no danger of being eliminated because he’s too interesting of a character—regardless of that ridiculous basket hat. There’s Malan, who unsuccessfully auditioned in season one, then made the show in season two, only to reject the show’s offer. I’m glad he wasn’t in season two, because he probably would’ve ruined it since it’s a strong possibility he could hurt this season if he’s not eliminated soon. I just know that British accent is a complete fake and I hope someone exposes it very soon. I’m rooting for Angela, not because of her name, but because she’s from Amesville, Ohio, which is just two hours from Huntington!

I have to say I was a little disappointed with the judges’ decisions. Though they kept Michael in, they didn’t even comment on his innovative use of coffee filters to make a dress. And their choice of Keith as the winner was terribly disappointing because he only used a bed sheet for his dress, which as Tim pointed out was already fabric. In fact, Tim encouraged him to use other materials which ironically, might have cost him the win (I hate it when Tim is wrong, which is very rare.). In my opinion, Robert’s dress was the best (Plus, he’s really cute and he designs for Barbie!).

In the end, it was only Jeffrey, the rock star clothing designer, and Stacey, who didn’t know how to use the sewing machine, left on the runway. The judges made the right final decision though and told Stacey she was out. Host Heidi Klum even mixed things up a little bit by telling Stacey she was out first (The first person she names is almost always in.).

The previews show us that one contestant violates the rules and is asked to go home. I’m really hoping it’s Malan.

“Project Runway” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on Bravo. If you want to catch the premiere, NBC is scheduled to air it Monday night at 8.