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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Is Katharine the next Clay or Bo?

Katharine McPhee was hoping to be the next Clay Aiken, but it looks like she could become the next Bo Bice.

Wednesday, the Idols Live tour kicked off in Manchester, New Hampshire without Katharine. She is reportedly under doctor’s orders to rest her voice due to severe bronchitis and laryngitis. You may recall that last year while on the tour Bo broke his foot and later missed several of the tour’s final shows because of his intestinal disorder. I certainly hope Katharine is not headed for the same bad luck.

As for Katharine’s chart luck, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” debuts this week at #12, while “My Destiny” debuts at #60. I think this is kind of a shame because—and you may want to brace yourself for this one—“My Destiny” is actually the better song. In fact, I think “Destiny” may be better than Taylor’s single “Do I Make You Proud,” but there’s little chance of anyone realizing that since it sounded SO bad on the finale. “Rainbow” is good, but David Foster’s (who you will remember from the Andrea Bocelli love songs episode of “Idol”) production takes some of the purity out of it by adding additional runs. The dramatic bridge also falls flat due to some misplaced musical accompaniment.

By the way, “Do I Make You Proud” falls to #14 this week probably due in large part to lack of radio airplay.