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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI: What Ad Topped Your List?

So another Super Bowl is in the books with some super lame commercials and a super awesome halftime show…

Oh, and the game was good too…

Before I delve into those commercials, let me say something about the amazing Kelly Clarkson and that pitch perfect dramatic rendition of the National Anthem. I’m pretty sure that she was lip synching, but so what? It was incredible…

And let me also get my thoughts out about the halftime show. I admit. I L-U-V Madonna. Yes, it was clear she wasn’t singing, but Madonna has always been about the show and this was an amazing show. LMFAO was pretty much a waste, but Cee-Lo Green was a fantastic addition and sounded great. LOVED her dramatic exit…

Now, to the commercials. Was it just me or are they getting lamer each year? Remember the days of those great Nike and Pepsi commercials? There were none of those this year.

In all honesty, the two best commercials were network promos—“The Voice” promo featuring the surprise appearance by Betty White and the “Tonight Show” promo featuring Madonna hearing Jay Leno’s “Like a Virgin” ringtone.

But here are my Top 5 actual commercials:

5) Pepsi: “King’s Court”

Can you say unique? I liked this one because I really thought Melanie’s commercial would just be her singing and drinking a Pepsi. This was pretty cool.

4) Oikos Greek Yogurt: John Stamos

Stamos is always a welcome presence on TV—especially when he’s being sexy, but the humor was a nice twist.

3) Hyundai: “All For One”

Who doesn’t love people spontaneously breaking into the “Theme From Rocky”?

2) Acura: “Transactions”

This one was cute already with all of the “Seinfeld” references, but the appearance of Jay Leno was awesome. Although I’m a little disturbed that Jay has such a great evil laugh. By the way, the version posted here is longer than the one you saw during the game.

1) VW: “The Dog Strikes Back”

This commercial was cute already with the dog, but the “Star Wars” bit pushed it over the top. I really didn’t see that coming and it was all so realistic. It actually hurt me, though, to have to explain it to my husband, who has never seen any of the “Star Wars” movies.

Honorable mentions go to (“Give and you shall receive”) Chrysler (Clint Eastwood), (Little boy pees in the pool) and the Samsung commercial featuring “I Believe In a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness. The biggest disappointments for me were the Matthew Broderick Honda commercial and all of the Bud Light commercials. I have no idea why the company known for the funniest ads would play it so straight…

As for the annual USA Today Ad Meter, which always seems to go with ads featuring animals, will rate the VW commercial near the top, but I also look for the monkeys ad to rate high (because they always do). The Doritos ad featuring the dog using Doritos to keep the guy quiet will probably rate high too since it was cute up until the point you realize it’s about a cat-killing dog.

So what about you all? What was your favorite ad? And are the days of the ads as appointment TV over since you can see most of them online days before the game?