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Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Choice for Charlie Sheen's Replacement

“The Hollywood Reporter” reported today that Chuck Lorre has begun plans to revamp “Two and a Half Men” without Charlie Sheen. The report says that Jon Cryer (Alan) will take the lead in the show opposite a new character, who has not yet been cast.

I think that the solution to this problem is an actor who is already a member of the “Men” family—Ryan Stiles.

Fans of the show know Stiles as Herb Melnick, who is married to Alan’s ex-wife, Judith (Marin Hinkle). I think that Judith should kick Herb out—just as she did Alan—and Herb should move in with Alan. Then Herb could take Alan’s place as the down-on-his luck guy, while Alan would try and take Charlie’s place as the player. Charlie could be running around Europe or somewhere else with Rose (Melanie Lynskey). Or maybe he’s in hiding to get away from her. With Charlie gone, Alan could be collecting his residual checks and living off his money. With this scenario, we wouldn’t have to be introduced to any new characters since all of them are already connected.

But best of all Ryan Stiles is hilarious. And he already has great chemistry with the cast.

I’d like to say this idea was mine, but it wasn’t. I read it in the Letters to the Editor section of “TV Guide.” But I love it, and I really think CBS and Lorre should give it some thought.

What do you guys think? And who else do you think should be considered for the show?

Photo Credit: Greg Gayne/Warner Bros.