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Friday, November 26, 2010

The 30 Best Holiday Moments...Minus One

I really hate it when I lie to my readers. But that’s what I did in Thursday’s column…

Now, in my defense, I was going by a FOX press release, but I still don’t like it.

If you took my advice and watched “TV’s Funniest Holiday Moments: A Paley Center for Media Special,” you know that “WKRP in Cincinnati” was nowhere to be found. So, I’m not sure what happened between the press release and the editing of the special.

I thought the overall list, which was chosen with the help of surveys across the country by Nielsen Research, was pretty good but I thought there should have been a few older moments.

If you missed it, here were the top 30 holiday moments:

30) “Curb Your Enthusiasm”
Larry eats the cookies meant for the nativity scene.
29) “Modern Family”
Jay has trouble dealing with Colombian Christmas customs.
28) “Saturday Night Live”
Chris Farley’s Matt Foley plays a motivational Santa
27) “The Office”
Michael turns Secret Santa into Yankee Swap.
26) “30 Rock”
Jack discovers the things his mother did to give him good Christmases as a child.
25) “In Living Color”
Homey the Clown plays Santa.
24) “Family Guy”
Peter accidentally gives away the family’s gifts.
23) “Married With Children”
Al Bundy dresses as Santa.
22) “Seinfeld”
George’s dad brings back his own holiday, Festivus.
21) “The Simpsons”
The cast sings a song to the tune of “The Nutcracker Suite” since you don’t have to pay for the song rights.
20) “How I Met Your Mother”
Marshall celebrates “Slapsgiving.”
19) “Murphy Brown”
Murphy tries to prepare Thanksgiving dinner.
18) “All in the Family”
Archie doesn’t like the carolers.
17) “The Simpsons Christmas Special”
Homer trains to be a Santa to make some extra money.
16) “Roseanne”
Roseanne dresses as Santa.
15) “A Colbert Christmas”
John Stewart and Stephen Colbert sing about Hanukkah.
14) “Malcolm In the Middle”
Lois gets in a fight with a woman in the mall parking lot.
13) “Golden Girls”
Blanche brings a department store Santa home as a date.
12) “Family Ties”
Alex experiences his own “A Christmas Carol.”
11) “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”
Mr. Grant accidentally gives Mary a blank check for Christmas.
10) “Cheers”
The gang turns Thanksgiving into a foodfight.
9) “Two and a Half Men”
Alan writes the Harper family Christmas letter.
8) “Seinfeld”
Elaine accidentally shows a little something extra in her Christmas card.
7) “Frasier”
Martin goes a little overboard with the Christmas decorations.
6) “Everybody Loves Raymond”
Marie serves a tofu turkey.
5) “Home Improvement”
Tim, as usual, goes a little overboard giving the Christmas tree more power.
4) “Friends”
The Holiday Armadillo, Santa Claus and Superman pay Ross’ son, Ben, a Christmas visit.
3) “The Big Bang Theory”
Penny gives Sheldon the best Christmas present ever.
2) “The Cosby Show”
Cliff is forced to repeatedly go out to the grocery store in the rain on Thanksgiving Day.
1) “Friends”
Joey sticks his head in Monica’s turkey during “The One With All the Thanksgivings.”

So what do you guys think of the list? You know I love "Friends," but I wouldn't go with Joey's head in the turkey as the funniest moment.

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