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Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Hannah Montana: Miley Says Goodbye?" Review: Making "Hannah" Fans Extremely Happy

Last Sunday’s episode of “Hannah Montana” ended with a doozy of a cliffhanger as Miley announced she wanted to move back to Tennessee.

The cliffhanger will get resolved this Sunday, but if you couldn’t wait, Disney released the episode this week on the DVD, “Miley Says Goodbye?”

But the two-part season finale is not the only thing on the DVD. You’ll also find four other episodes including “Promma Mia,” guest starring David Archuleta, and the hour-long “He Could Be the One” guest starring Cody Linley.

However, the finale is the main attraction as Miley (Miley Cyrus) starts to doubt her decision when she sees the effect it will have on her friends. But in all honesty, the highlight of the finale is—as usual—Jason Earles as Jackson moves into his own apartment. He and Mitchel Musso (Oliver) make a pretty good team. Plus, we get some great flashbacks that show us just how young Cyrus and Emily Osment (Lilly) were in the beginning. In the end, Miley does say goodbye to something. I’m just not going to spoil what that is.

The Bonus Features include “Hannah’s Highlights,” consisting of pop-up facts on the episode, “You Never Give Me My Money;” “Sister Secrets,” which features Brandi Cyrus interviewing cast members; and an alternate ending to “He Could Be the One” (They picked the right one.).

Although the attraction of the DVD is being able to see the finale before it airs, this is actually one of the more comprehensive "Hannah" releases ever and will make all of her fans extremely happy.

“Hannah Montana: Miley Says Goodbye?” is available now…

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