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Monday, November 16, 2009

DVD Review: "How I Met Your Mother" Season 4

The cover declares it “the awesome” season four and in all honesty it really was…

This was the season where “How I Met Your Mother” matured into one of TV’s best comedies.

A lot of stuff happened as Ted got engaged (and dumped), Robin moved in with Ted, Barney tried to hide his growing feelings for Robin, Marshall found the best burger in New York and Lily was revealed to be the destroyer of Ted’s relationships. Plus we finally got the story behind that crazy goat.

You can relive all of that on the DVD plus some special features including a hilarious gag reel. There’s also the Academy of Arts and Sciences panel discussion which is way too short but does include a hysterical moment with Neil Patrick Harris who leaves the panel early to go to the bathroom with his mic still on. The panel is also interesting for the discussion of Robin and Barney which goes a great deal to explain the mess that has been season five.

There’s also commentary on four episodes with the writers and producers. Some of them are a little boring but the commentary on “The Naked Man” is pretty funny as we get the real-life stories behind it.

If you want to see an original funny sitcom in its prime you should pick this one up. But be warned. It will make what we’ve seen so far in this season a lot tougher to swallow.

“How I Met Your Mother: The Awesome Season 4” is available now…

Photo Credit: FOX Home Entertainment