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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" Review: Is There Any Drama Left?

With all the table flipping madness of the New Jersey Housewives, it would be easy to think that Bravo has bled all of the drama out of the franchise.

But along come the Housewives from Atlanta to prove that completely wrong…

When last we left the girls, they were going at each other at the reunion show. NeNe and Kim were still feuding over the song NeNe sang making fun of Kim’s music career and her relationship with a married man (referred to only as “Big Papa”). NeNe and Sheree were feuding because Sheree had gotten close with Kim. Lisa threatened to flip Kim over the couch because she felt like she was lying. And DeShawn just tried to stay above the fray.

When we pick up the story in the season two premiere, NeNe and Lisa are still at odds with Kim, but they are now joined by Sheree in that department. Kim, meanwhile, is trying to deal with her breakup from Big Papa and start her own line of wigs, all the while considering making up with NeNe.

DeShawn is gone, and she’s been replaced by Kandi, a Grammy-award winning singer/songwriter, who is recording a solo album while trying to plan her wedding.

In the premiere, Sheree plans a VERY extravagant party to celebrate her new independence. Lisa and her husband, Ed, contemplate expanding their family. Kandi struggles to join her family with her fiance’s. And Kim goes to beauty school to learn about wigs.

Proving that the “Housewives” drama is nowhere near dead, one of these storylines leads to a HUGE fight that will make Teresa’s table flipping look like nothing at all.

Plus, the previews of the season promise even more fighting, wig pulling and name calling.

And isn’t that what we want from our “Housewives”? Thank goodness there’s still some left in the tank…

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” premieres Thursday, July 30th at 10 p.m…

Photo Credit: Quantrell Colbert/Bravo