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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One More Reason to Hate the BCS

FOX Sports announced today that it has declined to match ESPN’s offer to televise Bowl Championship Series bowl games beginning in 2011.

So why is this a big deal? Because that means the BCS bowls will most likely air on cable for the first time.

Now I know the argument here is that most homes have cable and of those over 90% of them have ESPN. But there are some homes in the world—believe it or not—that do not have cable and would be without the BCS bowls.

And this development also begs the question what’s next? The Super Bowl on cable?

Plus, I have to admit that all of this makes me nostalgic for the good old pre-BCS days. Remember when all the bowl games were squeezed into one day on three networks and you chose which games you were going to watch, set out your New Year’s Eve leftovers and overdosed on food and football?

Now, the BCS bowls stretch out over an entire week which means a whole week of dreary-eyed work days as opposed to one.

I guess that means just one more reason to hate the BCS—as if I needed another one…