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Monday, November 24, 2008

Help For the Holidays Bonus #2: The “Essential” Gift for the “HSM” Fan

If you’ve been to the toy store or even just read my blog, you know there’s a lot of “High School Musical” merchandise out there.

So if you’re trying to find the definitive gift for your “HSM” fan without getting swept up in all the toys and games, I may have found just the thing—a book. But not just any book. “The Essential Guide” to all things “High School Musical.”

If you’re familiar with the “Essential Guide” books from DK Publishing then you know they’re really great for fans of the subject (I have the Batman, Wonder Woman, X-Men and, of course, “24” ones myself.). They find really fun and interesting ways to give you all the facts.

And “The High School Musical Essential Guide” is no exception. Written for kids 8 and up, the book is filled with great pictures from all three movies (although the majority are from the first two). All of the character stories are recapped with pictures, quotes and stories from the movies. Each character receives equal treatment so your child won’t be upset that his or her favorite didn’t get enough pages. Plus, important storylines are summed up through pictures with fun captions.

It’s literally the “Essential” gift for your “HSM” fan.

And even though it’s written for the younger fan, older ones will enjoy it too. You know I did…
“High School Musical: The Essential Guide” (SRP $12.99) is available now…
Photo Credit: DK Publishing