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Friday, January 18, 2008

The DGA deals. So now what?

This is so unbelievably complicated that I am not even going to try and explain it.

So, here’s the gist…

The DGA (directors’ union) and the AMPTP (the major producers) have reached an agreement. The DGA’s contract was set to expire June 30th.

The DGA is very happy with the contract and believes it got the AMPTP to give in on new media (Internet, downloads, etc.), which has been the main sticking point for the WGA.

The WGA has not released any kind of statement, but SAG (the actors’ union) released one saying that the directors had to do what’s best for them, but they do not represent the writers or actors.

So what does all of this mean for the writers’ strike? No one is really sure…

What everyone is hoping is that there will be behind-the-scenes talks between writers and producers that will lead to a deal. It was those unofficial talks that led to a quick DGA settlement. The DGA deal could be used as a starting point for talks.

But, there’s a strong possibility that the WGA could completely reject the DGA deal and continue striking. Or, the DGA deal could create dissention within the WGA and cause writers to stop striking if they believe the DGA deal is fair and the union leadership does not.

I am hoping that this is the beginning of the end of the strike. But there is still a lot of pessimism floating around in Hollywood.

So, stay tuned…