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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The "Jericho" Fans Set Their Sights On Critics

The “Jericho” Rangers are now setting their sights on TV critics…

Critics are receiving this e-mail from “Jericho” fans:

“I understand you will be out in California for the press tour. The fans are working VERY hard to recruit new viewers and we are always interested in any new information that can help our cause…If you learn anything new or can talk/write about ‘Jericho’ to keep it in the forefront, the fans would be EXTREMELY grateful!!”

One critic told “TV Week” he responded to one e-mail: “We are not part of your campaign. You are making a serious miscalculation.”

Another said, “We need to give CBS [heck] for encouraging these people.”

Since TV critics are not my favorite people these days, I don’t have a problem with people bugging them. But I hope this plan doesn’t backfire on the Rangers…