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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Derek Needs You Again!

Unfortunately for the “one that we want,” Derek Keeling, he’s starting to develop a little bit of a reputation as one whose voice cracks under pressure.

And on tonight’s “Grease: You’re the One That I Want,” producer David Ian said “it’s a worry now.”

For Derek, it was already a worry as he spent the last week with a vocal therapist who encouraged him to take up swimming and yoga so he wouldn’t have a repeat of the duet performance.

Tonight, he was given the chance to redeem himself with another ballad, Bryan Adams’ “Heaven.” And for the most part he did redeem himself except for one small crack—not as bad as the duet performance, but still noticeable. Jim called it “solid” and Kathleen liked it as well, but David Ian said it was “a bit safe and a bit boring” and he was most concerned about that crack.

The show didn’t really do Derek any favors by making him the only Danny to sing a ballad. The three other contestants gave scorching performances with lots of dancing with the Sandys. Derek was forced to give a restrained, but terribly romantic, performance with Laura.

You managed to keep him out of the bottom two after the duets. If you want to do it again, you need to vote, vote, vote! You can call 1-888-IVOTE-02 up to 200 times until 11 p.m. or you can vote up to 10 times at until 3 a.m.

But I think in order for Derek to stick around, he will need to be in the top two. Because for the first time, I’m not sure if he could win the sing-off.

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