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Monday, February 05, 2007

Who Are These People?

It seems like every year I try to predict the winning Super Bowl ad and every year I'm wrong.

Which leaves me to ask this question. Who are these people anyway?

The results are in for the "USA Today" Ad Meter and they have chosen Budweiser's crab commercial as #1. What is it with people and animals? My favorite commercial, the auctioneer wedding was #6. And, apparently, I'm the only one that thought the Doritos and FedEx commercials were too cruel.

Here's the top 10:

1) Budweiser--Crabs worship Bud chest
2) Budweiser--Stray dog fakes being dalmation
3) Bud Light--Rock, paper, scissors game
4) Doritos--Guy In Car
5) Bud Light--Immigrants learn to ask for Bud Light
6) Bud Light--Auctioneer wedding
7) Bud Light--Ape misses chance at stealing Bud Light
8) FedEx--Moon office
9) Snickers--Two mechanics
10) Bud Light--Hitchhiker

By the way, Kevin Federline's Nationwide commercial was seventh to last. Personally, I think that was more because everyone had already seen it, but maybe people just don't like him. I thought it was funny...

To see the entire list of ads and view the winning ad, go to