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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Question of the Week: Who will die?

“Lost” has been down ratings-wise this season, and based on what I saw of last week’s episode, I can see why.

This whole storyline about the Others doing psychological experiments on everyone is starting to really bug me. What was up with them lying to Sawyer about giving him a pacemaker? Why do they care whether he loves Kate or not?

However, my tiring of that story will not stop me from watching Wednesday as I always tune in when it’s time for a character to die. That’s right. According to the promos and my favorite columnists, that time is upon us once again.

I should probably explain that I don’t tune into these episodes because I enjoy watching people die. I tune in because the writers usually find some clever way to kill them off. Shannon’s death was beautifully staged and Ana-Lucia’s was one of the best moments of last season (I still think they messed up by killing Libby, though.). Since there was no early buzz about this one (or drunk driving arrests), I’ve got to believe it will be a good one.

So who will die? I honestly have no idea. Usually, there are some kind of indications, but since I don’t watch the show very closely, I don’t know what they are. I know that it’s not Sawyer or Kate, and I think we’re safe to presume it’s not Jack. My guesses are Mr. Eko, or in a bit of a shocker, Locke…

So who do you think? Post a comment with your answer…